Hydroponic Gardening & How it Works

            Hydroponic gardening is a process of growing plants without having to use soil. It’s a way to grow a variety of plants  (herbs, veggies, even some fruits) indoors all year round. A hydroponic system can be small enough to sit on your countertop and it will work just about anywhere. The plants will actually grow faster than if you were growing them in soil. 

             As many of us learned in science class when we were kids, plants need water, sunlight, carbon dioxide, and nutrients in order to grow.  In a traditional garden, plant roots have to seek out nutrients in the soil. In hydroponic gardens, nutrients are dissolved in the water that surrounds the roots, so plants have even easier access to the nutrition they need.  Plants tend to grow big and beautiful very quickly. Another pro to hydroponic gardening is since there’s none of the soil that many plant pests and diseases need to survive, when you ditch the dirt, you cut way down on your chance of experiencing those problems. Amazingly, many hydroponic gardens actually require less water than traditional gardens.

          If you follow the real estate market, you know home prices are continuing to increase. The price of land has also significantly increased over the years, making it harder for many home buyers to afford the area to grow a garden. Hydroponic gardening is becoming more popular because technology is helping home buyers grow their own gardens even if they don’t have the land to do so. Thinking of starting your own hydroponics garden? Check out this link for recommendations on indoor hydroponic systems. 


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