COVID impacts on Rhode Island Real Estate

There is no question that the coronavirus outbreak has changed the way that we conduct business in general. Every industry has been affected in one way or another and real estate is no exception. Today, we are going to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on Rhode Island Real Estate.

Rhode Island Real Estate has seen a share of changes that can’t be denied. For starters, open houses have been canceled and this means that the industry is now considering the shift to virtual open houses thanks to the available technology.

Private shows are still happening, but people are advised to practice social distancing and wear their facemasks while they take the tour of the property. The same goes for home inspections as long as the inspectors are taking proper precautions.


Real estate in Rhode Island has changed, but it has not stopped by any means. It’s important to adapt to the changes so that both buyers and sellers can continue to successfully conduct their business.

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